Wes Edens is the current Chief executive officer and the cofounder of new fortress energy. He is located in New York city united states of America. Wes is mostly found in the northeastern side of us greater New York area due to the purpose of working convenience. He is also referred to as Wesley Robert Edens, Wesley R edens, Wes Robert Edens, Wes R Edens or even Wesley Edens. He is an investment partner who deals with private equity. Wes Edens invests in several industries that include financial services, real estate, media, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure. Apart from Wes being the chief investment officer and the chief executive officer of new fortress investment company, he also serves as the co-chairman, president of private equities and the principal of the company.

Before Wes Edens formed New fortress investment company, he was a partner in BlackRock financial management company. Similarly, he was the managing director of BlackRock company. However, Wes Roberts also served as a partner and managing director in Lehman brothers. After fortress investment group bought subprime lender Springfield, Wesley was nicknamed as New King Subprime lending by wall street. Spring field offers financial services in America. Before the name, it was formerly known as America General Finance (AIGs). By the year two thousand and five, the company Springfield had a three thousand five hundred billion dollars of stock turn over. The company was bought under the behest of Wes and possibly that’s why he was given the name. To know more about him click here.

Still under Edens, fortress investment group bought another acquisition named Centex home equity company. The company is majorly known as the Nationstar Mortgage and its currently chaired by Wes Robert Edens.

Apart from Wes Edens being an investor, He is also a sports fun. In the year two thousand and fourteen he collaborated with one of his team mate and bought a football team that was called Milwaukee Buck. The team costed him and his partner five hundred and fifty million dollars. It was a promise to the former owner of the team Herb Kohl that he would ensure that the team retains the high notch in their position at Wisconsin.