Toyo SetalEmpreendimentosLtda is one of the leading engineering, construction procurement as well as commission services company that deals in the development of technical industrial projects. It has international experience across an array of sectors that encompassing mining, oil gas, chemical, fertilizers, steel, infrastructure, and gas. It was founded in 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as an arm of TS Participações e Investments S.A. It is heavily involved in the facilitation of the critical services that are pivotal for the construction of industrial plants. Some of the services worth mentioning include construction, the conceptual design, carrying out technical and economic viability studies, management as well as individual training

For the past years, Toyo SetalEmpreendimentosLtda has been witnessing a struggle in the maintenance of its sustainable growth and development, consequently affecting the operations of the business. Despite the depleting natural resources, the company has come up with environmental intervention aimed at the preservation of the environment. Moreover, Toyo SetalEmpreendimentosLtda has been receiving awards for its services, which is geared towards reducing the harmful environmental effects resulting from its operations. For example, the company was awarded for setting the environmental conservation innovation in berlin Germany in 2014.

Toyo SetalEmpreendimentosLtda has been involved in regulating the AVEVA systems in devising some of the best solutions to the challenges as well as the integrating technology in its sustainable programs. Also, the company has established industrial plants that play a significant role in the management of the business, carrying out feasibility economic studies as well as total cost investment.

Toyo SetalEmpreendimentosLtda is currently developing a project that is profitable, safe, and sustainable, combined with offering completer solutions to meet the demands of the clients. In the same vein, the company is providing excellent technical services to its client at a set schedule while at the same time ensuring that its business operation is free from harmful effects to the environment.