The number of connected devices and connected Internet of Things devices has been on the rise. By 2018, it was estimated that there were about 17 billion connected devices around the world, with 7 billion of these being IoT devices. This makes it necessary for developers of consumer and business-facing applications to ensure they can manage and stay connected to all their active devices, including those used to connect with workers, consumers, and critical assets. LocationSmart offers a cloud-based solution that developers can use for location awareness, managing communication as well as tracking, monitoring, and collecting data about the connected devices.


Types and locations of connected devices


There is a wide range of connected devices that developers have to be responsible for. When it comes to customers and workers, these will include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches that people use. Developers also have to think about how people are connecting their entertainment systems, cars and homes to the internet for convenience, safety, and security. In terms of the assets owned and used by companies, IoT devices include vehicles, machinery, equipment, infrastructure, airplanes, and ships.


Apart from the number and diversity of these devices, they are also spread across the world. Today, companies and service providers operate on a global scale, meaning that they have customers and workers in different regions around the world.


The need for location awareness solution


The cloud-based solution that LocationSmart offers allows developers to build customized location awareness into applications and services. When a built-in line with business and customer needs, the technologies enable developers to locate devices from different points across the world easily. This includes using GSID services and locating devices connected to Wi-Fi access points or cell tower IDs. They can also use wireless carriers that eliminate the need to install applications or software. Other ways include obtaining the location and related network intelligence or obtaining a user’s browser location.


Enhanced geotargeting and geofencing


LocationSmart’s LaaS promotes geotargeting, which makes it easy to send perfectly timed and personalized text messages to customers regardless of their location. By using local language and currency, companies can get customers to take immediate action. Information on the customers’ locations also ensures that companies can provide the best possible assistance.


In terms of geofencing, companies are better able to verify the presence and movement of customers, workers, and assets in specific regions. This makes it easy to not only deliver a richer user experience but also offer greater visibility and security to mobile workers.


Customized security options


The LaaS platform can help developers customize security options. By monitoring and managing network traffic, companies can detect and prevent suspicious or malicious activity to ensure strict network security. More control over real-time geolocation can help in deterring online fraud and ensuring copyright protection.


Monitor and track assets


This platform can also help to monitor and track assets around the globe by providing valuable real-time data on operations. Continuous monitoring and tracking will be important in case the asset goes off-route or breaks down. This improves operational efficiencies, promotes effective communication with workers, and provides location-based status reports at any time.


LocationSmart is a market leader in terms of cloud location services for connected devices anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use platform is designed to help businesses track assets, improve the remote vision of workers, and enhance the customer experience.


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