Many people think that online text based therapy is not as effective as going to therapy in person at a brick and mortar location. The fact is that whether it is in a therapists office or online as a completely anonymous conversation, the whole point of therapy is to be able to overcome everyday life challenges by getting to the solutions to problems by learning new tools and ways to take control of current issues to be able to become better, happier people. Here are just a few reasons I believe that online, text based therapy is just as good as therapy in person, if not better.

  1. Convenience For Therapy In Today’s Busy World.

In our busy and fast paced world, there are a lot of people that have a lot going on in their lives that either can’t or don’t want to have to take the time to set an appointment to see a therapist. Many people would consider this to be a barrier to therapy that many face on a daily basis. Talkspace offers on the go access to an online platform with licensed therapists. From the person who has a 45 minute bus ride to and from work to the person who works a nine to five weekday job and just simply cant afford to take time off to visit a therapist in their office, talkspace is the solution that offers the help some people have just been going without.

2.) Talkspace Understands Me Because They Want To.

The creators of Talkspace believe that it is extremely important to a persons success in therapy to have a therapist who fits the persons personality and really understands why the person is seeking therapy in the first place. The first therapist I got to interact with on Talkspace was a consultation therapist. This is the person who matched my needs up with a therapist that has experience/training in helping with similar issues to mine. I am also allowed to change my therapist whenever I want to and won’t have to start all over in therapy by having to repeat things I have already shared with my last therapist.

3.) Feeling Comfortable Enough To Get Therapy.

For some people such as myself, it can be extremely hard to actually talk to someone about my problems. Sometimes, saying some tings out loud can be the hardest part and is actually a barrier to therapy for me. With Talkspace Reviews, I get to silently type the issues I want to talk about and somehow that is so much more comfortable for me. Not having to hear myself talk about things that are already hard enough to talk about has made all the difference for me.

4.) Therapy On My Terms and At My Pace.

When I get a response from my therapist, I don’t have to answer back right away and i’m able to do this at my pace. I can take the time to really reflect on something my therapist says or suggests before answering the therapist right away as most people feel they have to do in an in person therapy session. Feeling like I have to think about my reply quickly and discuss it in am in person conversational format just because I took the time out to schedule an appointment, waited for the day of my appointment, took myself down to the therapists office just to have nothing to say or feel like I HAVE to deal with something now without taking the time to think long and hard first just because I have put so much time and effort into the one hour session I would be paying good money for is not helpful for me. Therapy on my time, with my terms and at my pace is the way therapy should be, for me at least.

Feeling Overwhelmed And Taking A Break

If I begin to feel overwhelmed at any point in my therapy as many do sometimes, I am able to put a freeze on my Talkspace account for up to 30 days without having to worry about my account being closed for inactivity. Once I am ready to come back on and continue therapy, I can pick up where I left off and continue to make progress towards a better, happier me.

Online, text based therapy such as what Talkspace offers may not be for everyone just like an in person timed therapy session may not be for some people like me but Talkspace should be recognized as a real and effective form of therapy just like an in person session is. Talkspace holds very high standards for the therapists on the text based therapy platform as 95% of the therapists at Talkspace have their masters degree while the remaining 5% of therapists have successfully completed their Ph.D or PsyD and so it’s not fair to consider Talkspace as a false form of therapy. Talkspace therapists are required to be independently licensed at their states highest level of requirements, must be qualified to diagnose mental health issues and are required to pass a background check and have to complete complete extensive training in using an online platform for therapy. With modern day technology, everything else around us is being innovated everyday and now therapy has been too.