For many companies throughout the United States and the world, philanthropy is just a way to try to get some good public relations work done after making a mistake or trying to increase their visibility. While it’s fortunate that this still gets needed resources and services to people that need it, there are still companies such as Stream Energy that participate in philanthropy because they genuinely want to give back. The company has been devoted to helping others since they were first founded, but their efforts have been growing considerably over the years and their work has been quite impressive.

Many companies stepped up to help Texans after Hurricane Harvey devastated thousands of families across the state. Among these companies was Stream Energy who started to take action the moment they were able. As a provider of electric and gas, they saw that many of their customers were struggling to pay their bills while trying to rebuild their lives after the storm. This is when they announced that they didn’t have to worry about what they owed their company and instead should focus on their lives and pay whenever they could.

The help that Stream Energy was able to provide inspired the company and their team to do even more. This is why their organization Stream Cares was founded. This organization is devoted just to their philanthropical efforts that extend to many different areas including helping the military, the homeless, and many others across Texas and the United States. Charity is important and has become built into to brand of Stream Energy. When people think of Stream, they don’t just think of competitively priced and reliable energy, they think of everything that they do to help people in need.

One of the projects that Stream Energy is passionate about helping is the Hope Supply Co. While homelessness impacts adults, the children that are struggling to survive during this difficult time are often forgotten about. With the help of sponsors like Stream, Hope Supply Co. is able to provide necessities to children that help them live their lives with a sense of normalcy.