Stratford Shields represents major clients that he works with in his office at Loop Capital Markets, where he finds solutions for individuals and businesses. Each day he sets aside a time to work with them to figure out a financial strategy that will benefit them. Part of the advice that he gives people is to stay positive and to think outside the box. After working with the CFO of Ohio State University, he wanted to raise money to improve its operations by helping student scholarships and academic research.

Ohio represented the first university parking privatization, and while it was the same size as Pittsburgh’s parking system, they were also trying to privatize their space for businesses that could afford it. The money that was used to enhance the university was over $483 million, and other colleges began to privatize their parking systems, including Eastern Michigan and Northeastern University, which was influenced by Stratford Shield’s work.

In order to expand your business, Stratford Shields would give his clients a reason to why they would want to do business with him. His most common advice to business owners would be to start small by only attracting the clients who are in need of what you can offer based on your standards and the size of your firm. You only want to do business with clients who would support your ideas in helping them to succeed. Depending on the type of business you own and what services you can offer your clients, the best idea is to get to know each other by finding them the right resources. Businesses can offer people many ways to help each other financially by growing their businesses through marketing, consulting, and venture capital for startups that are looking for investors. As for the municipal business, Stratford Shields recommends purchasing a smaller financial advisory firm to help expand the needs of other businesses.