As digital and social platforms continues to evolve, the way products are marketed continues to change. While marketing through medium comes with amazing benefits, they can prove to be counterproductive if not leveraged properly. Steve Lesnard has taken his time to highlight key principles to market your products successfully.

  1. Simplicity


What is important when writing your product introduction is to highlight clear consumer benefits while showing what’s new and better. Focus should be put on the most innovative as well as relevant features. For example, during the iPod campaign, Apple picked “10k songs in your pocket” and went with it. In this example, the company focused on single benefit to create a simple message on how the iPod would help customers. The communication strategy of the company went for simplicity and emotion. The campaign has since been insanely successful and Apple is always incorporating more features and measurements.

Another good example of great marketing is the Peleton’s “private indoor cycling studio” offer. Through the marketing strategy, it painted an image of the best New York fitness energy in homes in the minds of people. They elevated their unique experience instead of focusing its marketing efforts on their premium spinning bike.

  1. Bring it to life

Bring it to life

The second principle Steve Lesnard highlights is based on the consumer experience you want to come alive once you have a crystal clear storyline. Some of the elements you would want to highlight are how it looks on your body, how it is used, and what it does. These elements can be presented in an electrifying manner. Additionally, the use of videos will place your product in the right context. You will want also to bring consumer testimony into the storyline.

A great example bringing it to life to make it more real is Yeti’s marketing strategy. The company positioned its premium products via the outdoor lifestyle of its ambassadors. It managed to bring to life the idea of keeping your drinks warmer or even colder for long while in the wild.

According to Steve Lesnard, when you’re on a path along a marketing campaign to achieve product success, you will want to identify the consumer benefit you will want to be remembered for. Once you have identified it, find ways to bring it to life.

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