OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is the first to admit that his life has not gone the exact way that he intended. From the time that he was very young, he had thought about becoming an accountant. He had always enjoyed working with numbers. He went to college and got a degree in accounting. He then went to work for a company that offered loans to small business owners. Sheldon worked with many of these people to get them financing. He found the job to be very rewarding. His life would change when he encountered a many by the name of Otto.

Otto had a meat processing company. Sheldon Lavin got Otto the money he needed to keep his company afloat. Sheldon was very interested in the meat processing industry. He felt that Otto’s company could be making so much more money than they currently were. He felt the reason the company was not maximizing its revenue stream was because their business plan was wrong. This inspired Sheldon to obtain a controlling interest in the company. Once he took it over, he changed the name. He chose OSI Group to be the new name.

Sheldon Lavin opened new factories in a few other states out west. This went very well. It was not long until these new factories were turning a huge profit. Sheldon liked being a CEO much better than he ever liked being an accountant. He found that he was very talented at leading a company. This was surprising to many people in the business world. This is because Sheldon had no formal training in business. However, Sheldon was a very fast learner. He was able to assess certain market conditions and adjust to them quickly. This allowed him to steer OSI Group in the right direction time after time.

Sheldon Lavin has said in numerous interviews that he has no regrets about the way his life has turned out. He is doing what he loves. He cannot imagine doing anything else. He still wants to keep running OSI Group for the next few years if his health remains good. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award