If you fly on private jets and you have never heard of JetSmarter, then you are missing out on the industry’s premier ticket booking app. JetSmarter was the 2009 brainchild of the ambitious and highly innovative IT entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov. The app is essentially the “ride-share” app of the private jet chartering industry, allowing passengers to pool together in order to charter a private jet for a much lower rate than what they would pay if they booked it all to themselves. The brilliance of the app is that it not only lowers the price that private jet passengers pay per seat, but it has also greatly increased the profits that private jet companies earn due to maximizing their bookings.

The idea behind JetSmarter started in 2009 after Sergey Petrossov flew for the first time on a private jet. He was shocked by two things about his first private jet experience. He could not believe how luxurious the jets were. He was also shocked at how old, outdated, and archaic the private jet booking technology was. From the moment he observed these industry-wide technology shortcomings, Sergey knew that he could make a big entrepreneurial splash in private jet bookings. The moment that he unboarded the jet he went back to his office and started crunching numbers and drafting a solid business plan. He knew from the onset that jet travelers lead fast-paced lifestyles, so he settled on an app-driven platform rather than a website.

Sergey Petrossov

When Sergey Petrossov launched his JetSmarter app in 2009 it was not his first experience starting a company. Sergey has been creating businesses since his early teens. When he was just 14 years old he started an import-export business for custom car wheels. Then in his early college years, he joined or started several other IT-based startups. From the get-go, Sergey had a strong passion and desire to start companies, as well as harness the full power of modern IT technology. What is unusual about Sergey is that most of the earlier startup companies that he created were also successful, so not only does he have a passion for creating businesses, but he also has the will, follow-through, and brilliance to ensure that each endeavor that he creates is successful.