Serge Belamant is a brilliant man who is not as well known as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Belamant is a famous person in many ways. Some note that Serge Belamant’s contributions regarding the creation of things like blockchain technology have been very significant in many ways — especially when it involves the patents that Serge Belamant has been responsible for creating.

Regarding his patents, Serge Belamant holds a key patent concerning blockchain technologies. Moreover, he is the first patent holder for the blockchain technology. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum rely on blockchain technology to exist. Serge Belamant was an important person regarding the whole process surrounding the development of blockchain-related applications.

Serge was raised in South Africa but born in France. He impressed many early in life and ended up winning an award called Victor Ludorum in 1971. Serge Belament — in many ways — is a genius who has worked very hard over the years to get big industry people to adopt his thinking when it comes to his many concepts and ideas on technology.

And due to banks being unwilling to risk embracing Belamant’s ideas for quite a long time was very frustrating for Belamant. And because of legislation and many risk factors, it took the credit card company, Visa to work with Serge on his ideas and forward thinking philosophies.

Indeed, the Universal Electronic Payment System or UEPS is a system that Belamant assisted with others to create. In 1995, Belament was hired by the well-known company, VISA. Net1 Technologies also worked with Serge Belamant to hatch new applications using UEPS and FTS technology.

Mr. Belamant made the wise decision to move to the United States to work on his important ideas. Belamant relocated from South Africa to bring his ideas to life in America.

Belamant has worked at Net1 Technologies and a co-founder of the company, Zilch Technology Ltd. Zilch Technology Ltd was able to create many impressive inventions for the banking industry.

Belamant was also able to invent new blockchain technology. Indeed, Belamant was able to boost cryptocurrency-based markets thanks to Serge. Indeed, Belamant has been able to propel blockchain technology to be embraced in areas that no one would have believed or even imagined.

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