Rebel Wilson has had it smooth this year. Things appear to be running in the right direction for the skilled actress and the year has only started. She is scheduled to appear in Cats, a new film that is yet to be released. The film has a fantastic cast full of talented people such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, and James Corden.

Rebel shared a picture of the cast in social media referring to them as incredible. Rebel is excited to be working with Taylor Swift who she says is the sexiest cat character and she is also sweet and thoughtful. All this can be said to be true as Taylor bought her fellow actors and actresses some gifts that they shared on Instagram. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Eric Underwood, who is a ballet dancer on the set was the one to share the photos on his Instagram account. He thanked Taylor for incredible and thoughtful gifts. This is not the only high of Rebel’s year; she celebrated her birthday not more than two weeks ago with a bunch of friends.Rebel Wilson who was born in 1980 in Sydney turned 39 years of age on March 2nd, and she was happy to share the occasion with friends.

She colored her Instagram account with various photos of them having a good time together. The group first took a cake making class which was led by Milk Bar, and they made a birthday cake for Rebel. They then went to Rebel’s place where they ate some pizza while resting and telling stories. The highlight of the day came when Rebel and her team went for a workout dressed in cat costumes.

Rebel named the workout catzercise due to the suits and it looked like she was enjoying herself. The routine involved some dance moves that Rebel shared a video of on her page. She encouraged her followers to take the exercise if they were looking for a sexy summer body. Rebel’s birthday seemed to be very entertaining, and at the end of the day, Rebel was happy.

Rebel Wilson has not made it to where she is right now by lazing around. She was born in the suburbs as she likes to refer to her homeplace. She lived with her mother who raised her together with her three siblings. Rebel was shy as a child, and it took her years to overcome this but she eventually did, and there has been no looking back for her.

In high school, Rebel was a smart student, and she enjoyed mathematics the most. She even thought that her final career choice would involve some math, but things changed along the way, and she couldn’t be happier. Rebel is grateful to her drama teacher who played a significant role in her life when she was in school.

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