Investment and financial advisors are an asset to any company or business and are essential for a company who wants to improve their financial standings. Because of how sought after they are, the standards that investment analysts have to abide by can also be fierce. Standing out in the field in spite of the fierce competition is hard, which is why when companies do it, it becomes a big deal. For Randal Nardone, that was the dream that he wanted to see. He wanted to build a company that would stand to rival even the most prominent names. At the same time, he wanted a company that would care for the clients who come to them, and one which would be able to provide a high degree of services. With his skill and expertise, and with the help of a few other members of the company, he founded Financial Investment Group, a company that now stands as the leading investment management firm in the city of New York.

The journey to build Fortress Group up to the position that it holds today was no easy task. Nardone knew that he would have to think strategically about the plan that they could potentially implement to improve the workings of the company. One of the routes that he decided to take with the company was to go public on the stock market. Before 2007, no investment and asset management company had gone public, and most of the firms only worked privately. After 2007, Fortress Investment Group becomes one of the first of its kind to present on the New York Stock Exchange. This was a big move for Fortress Investment Group and also its leaders who then came to be known for taking this step for the benefit of the company. Many investment groups soon followed in the footsteps of Fortress Investment Group, and none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the efforts of people like Randal Nardone.

Nardone had led a brilliant career in the financial field before he decided to start up his inveestment firm. He has worked with a wide range of clients and a large number of companies, offering them his expertise in investment and asset management. He has contributed to the development of several businesses and companies who have only been able to improve their investments because of the work that Nardone has done for them.