Randal Nardone works within the world of high finance, so this means that Randal Nardone deals with investments and scenarios that the average retail holder does not deal with within the course of their everyday lives. Randal Nardone must deal with copious amounts of money per each deal and allocate it in a manner that meets the needs of every individual who participated in the agreement.

He must be more in tune with the prominent people within finance and the different moves taking place within the general world to make decisions that will be accurate and backed by data and other pieces of information.

It is this thought process, discipline, and follow-through that allows Randal Nardone and his fellow management team to continue to helm Fortress Investment Group and guide it to better tomorrows.

At the current moment, the Fortress Investment Group is under the wings of the Softbank Group. But it is still free in the sense that it operates as it wants to and will only make the investments and take the actions that it pleases. Fortress Investment Group can act like this for several reasons. First, it is a firm that has been around since 1998. Second, it is a firm that led many of its peers to the public markets. Third, it is a firm that has done well despite turbulence within financial markets. It is a firm that employed titans of industry like Mike Novogratz and is affiliated with companies like New Residential, a mortgage securities firm.

Again, the people and entities that Fortress Investment Group can connect with are different from other firms because of its current stature and affiliations with its parent company, Softbank. The firm has engaged with Richard Branson and is present in many countries across the world in a wide variety of forms.

Even more interesting within this investing space is that many firms are gearing up to accumulate value and interests like Softbank. Companies such as Prosus, also seem appealing to investors who have comparable value to Shell and other firms. Prosus is one firm that has assets in different compelling entities in China and other emerging continents.

Randal his co-team members will navigate this world of investments with more support and resources.

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