In a move to increase the manufacturing and production capacity, OSI Group has signed an agreement with Impossible Foods to share the manufacturing of the new Impossible Burger. This came against the backdrop of the need by the Impossible Foods to increase the accessibility of the processing capacity through an introduction of the impossible burger in most retails, a program which will take place later in the year. It is believed that this partnership will be a step in the right direction towards the concerted efforts in keeping up with incremental demands in a meatless burger craze.

This move by the OSI Group to form a partnership was made possible following a series of exhaustive searches to come up with good partners who would play a key role in scaling up while at the same time bringing expertise aimed at continues delivery of delicious burger to the customers. Legendary OSI Group, in the same vein, has engaged in the installation of the equipment that will oversee the whole process that is geared towards making the impossible burger. It is noteworthy that this has led to an increase in more than 65 plants in more than 17 countries; this will lead to an increase in the new capacity while at the same time leading to additional in the supplies in the value added products to all customers around the globe.

On the other spectrum, OSI Group has registered a triple in its weekly production witnesses in the food manufacturing plant that is located in Oakland. It is pivotal to note that The Redwood City, a startup that is based in California, has on the receiving end for not meeting the demands of the plant. Impossible Food has been able to sell to more than 400 redistributors as well as the distributors, which later sell to restaurants such as the white castle and the burger king. Click here.