The Safa siblings set up the Privinvest Group at the start of the nineties. These siblings were were the persevering duo of Akram and Iskandar. Things have changed significantly for Privinvest Group since that time period as well. It’s presently a force to be reckoned with in the ship construction division. Privinvest Group runs out of the Middle East in Lebanon. Its specialties aren’t limited to that part of the planet, though. Privinvest Group is in control of shipyards in a handful of nations. Some of these are Greece, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Its sectors focus on their designated departments. This empowers the Privinvest Group to give the public a broad assortment of services and products. The company presents consumers with military boats, commercial boats, technological items and superyachts. The representatives who work for Privinvest Group also have a lot of proficiency regarding intellectual property and how it functions in modern society.

The team members at Privinvest Group have a lot of savvy that pertains to the media. It has a branch that it named simply “Privinvest Media.” It’s not just a company that delves into media matters, either. That’s because it also frequently delves into subjects that involve both real estate and hospitality. It’s a global real estate giant that has clients all over the vast Middle East and Europe. There are more than 2,500 professionals who are part of the group.

The Privinvest Group makes investments that are part of the R&D (Research and Development) universe. These are for MRE or “Marine Renewable Energies” concepts. It’s taken on an investment that’s connected to a brand-new organization right now. The organization is all about both tidal and river turbines. It puts a lot of thought into energy sources that are favorable for the environment.