Peter Briger, accomplished Princeton and Wharton alumnus, promotes the power of the blockchain despite his prominent history on Wall Street as a partner at Goldman Sachs. The financial titan actively nourishes the internal investor within. In times of unprecedented disruption, paying attention yields dividends – and the financial executive remains vigilant in his passion for impact.

A force of innovation is alive and well within Peter Briger. He was in fact instrumental in the $3.3 billion acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. As Principal & Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, he held several keen relationships with Principal decision makers in the Asian markets. Peter Briger and his fellow colleagues sold the vision which lies at the core of the alternative, global asset management firm to CEO Masayoshi Son, leader of the multi-billion dollar telecom giant SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group has exited several large deals with well known brands including Lyft, OnDeck, SmartVue, iPass and more. Platinum Auto Finance, a fintech auto finance firm, is their latest venture. See more about Peter Briger on Twitter for more information.

In addition to the Management Committee at Fortress, Peter Briger serves at The Center for a New American Security, the Tipping Point Community, and CNBC. He has used equity compensation as a springboard to seed investment. In 2018, he invested in commercial real estate sales and leasing platform Biproxi. The customized tool suite takes the drudgery out of managing listings while aggregating broker, buyer, and seller contacts. He is also a lead investor in Wauwaa, an EU based e-commerce community focused on parenting content distribution.

The private equity and real estate specialist is currently participating in SoftBank’s Vision 2.0, a campaign conceived to fuel growth in SoftBank’s property portfolio, particularly in the New York and Toronto markets. The acquisition of Fortress is accelerating the company’s overall strategy, and Briger is a key component moving forward.