In the article, “A Year of Monumental Change at Fortress Investment Group”, the readers of the article are informed about the highlights of some of the more significant moments throughout the year for the company Fortress Investment Group and about a man named Peter Briger, who is in charge of the credit and real estate sectors of the company. The report discusses the company’s purchase of the company SoftBank Group Corporation and explains how, through the purchase of SoftBank Group, Fortress Investment Group has become enveloped into the market of Real Estate.

The editorial also goes into detail about TSX Broadway project and what the company expects it to do. It also informs readers of the piece on how the Tiffany & Co. Building project will enable the company to move into the retail market. The expose also addresses the various other endeavors that the company has had to go through in order to aid in the growth and success of the company for the present and the future. Peter Briger currently lives in New York where he is married and has four children. He started his successful career in administration by attending and learning from some of the top universities. Peter Briger first attended Princeton University where he gained a Bachelors’s in Administration.

He also attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where gained a Masters in Business Administration. Peter Briger is currently the co-chairman and principal of the company Fortress Investment Group. He has been serving as a member of the Management Committee of Fortress ever since 2002 and has been serving on the board at Fortress Investment Group ever since 2006. His responsibilities as part of working for Fortress Investment Group include taking care of the Credit and Real Estate sectors of the company. Before any of his current positions, Peter Briger worked as a partner at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. He also worked on the board at Tipping Point. Additionally, he worked on the board at Caliber Schools. His net worth is absolutely astonishing, being over one billion dollars.

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