Paul Mampilly is a famous Indian American investor and Wall Street Legend. Mampilly at the height of his career retired from Wall Street and is today helping ordinary people create wealth through his writings. He authors three different newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and has been very instrumental in helping people secure wealth.

Paul Mampilly, in one of his articles, highlighted some of the potential investment sectors for Blockchain technology. One sector that Blockchain can make a huge difference, according to Mampilly is the energy sector. Blockchain Mampilly said it is not only limited to security applications but cuts across a diverse range of industries such as the energy sector. Blockchain owing to its strength and capabilities in ensuring digital transactions are accurate can be used to handle energy transactions between energy companies and their clients confidently. Read more with this topic on

The technology is already in use in the energy sector in Australia says Paul Mampilly. A project dubbed Power Ledger is already in practice in Australia. The project that has borrowed from bitcoin utilizes the peer to peer trading concept. The difference here is that whereas in bitcoin digital currency transaction takes place here, energy is being traded among energy producers around the world. The transactions can also see energy consumers sell some of the extra energy they have stored from their solar panels to other consumers or energy companies making profits.

Another sector that Blockchain technology is going to impact significantly, according to Paul Mampilly is the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors are the main components of creating a microchip. As Blockchain technology continues to be widely accepted more information will be generated, and the demand for microchips will increase. As the demand for chips rises the demand for semiconductors will also automatically rise. Blockchain development Mampilly says is not going to slow down any time soon. In the market, there has been an increased demand for web developers who specializes in blockchain technology. Mampilly predicts that as more and more companies begin to understand the importance of blockchain technology and its security benefits, there is a higher probability that they are going to utilize it. Mampilly, for this reason, is advising people to invest in semiconductors companies such as VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF Company. The company, according to Paul Mampilly, is connected to big microchips makers companies and ever since the introduction of the blockchain technology its shares have been on the rise. Read: