Raffaele Riva is an entrepreneur, executive officer and founder of AUREA Multi-Family Officer established in 2008. Besides, he created other three companies under AUREA Multi-Family Office, where he also serves as the chairman. Born in 1962, Raffaele Rival attended the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, graduating with an honors degree in economics and later joined Canton Ticino Management Business School pursuing a program in SSQUEA. He then joined the University of Southern Switzerland in the School of Applied Sciences and Arts and graduating in 1998.

After his studies, Raffaele Riva began his career working in both Milan and Manchester serving as the Assistant Supervisor and Manager and left in 1992. He then joined the position of Senior Executive to oversee the board of several multinational conglomerated companies. Between 1997 and 2008, Raffaele Riva founded multiple advisory companies specializing in corporate financing, restructuring, mergers, and wealth management.

Raffaele Riva typical day comprises of waking up around eight in the morning and finish at around nine in the evening. With a well-planned day through the development of daily journals, his working day activities vary with frequent travels, meetings, and appointments to different locations. Unlike most entrepreneurs, Riva utilizes his personal experiences while working in different areas to determine his capabilities. More so, he remains positive and curious to learn more henceforth enabling him to become more successful.

As an entrepreneur, Raffaele Rival remains prepared to face challenges which he believes are prime opportunities to grow in the sector. As such, involving in his activities with a business mind and with a motive of succeeding are crucial elements in his career, therefore, encouraging young entrepreneurs to adopt the same. Despite offering value in the lives of the people he serves, Raffaele Rival has faced the major challenge of growing his business, which exceeds his abilities henceforth having multiple projects and operations within the company.

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