Oren Frank is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Talkspace. This is an online therapy app that makes that makes addressing mental health issues more accessible and affordable. He had worked in the marketing and advertising industry for several years, including at McCann Worldgroup, McCann Erickson, EMEA, and MRM Worldwide.

He says that it is really difficult to find a therapist you connect to in real life. It’s much easier to do so through Talkspace. His app uses data and analysis to put patients and therapists together. Talkspace uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to make this match. The AI gathers information about a person’s personality, emotional stress, and thinking style to figure out what therapist in its database will best work for them. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Oren Frank

Oren Frank says that Talkspace also works well for therapists. They can see patients without having to rent an office space. They don’t have to fill out paperwork for insurance companies. They can work with more patients. There are hundreds of certified therapists that have signed up for this app due to the benefits.

One thing that had been lacking with Talkspace is that medications could not be prescribed to people using it. This changed in April 2018 when Oren Frank hired a chief medical officer. He hired Neil Leibowitz who had been working at UnitedHealth as the senior medical director. Physicians that work with Talkspace can now prescribe medication to users at their discretion.

“This change has made partnering with companies easier, Oren Frank said. Many employers are now taking the mental health of their employees more seriously than they had in the past. He is developing partnerships with companies that want to offer mental health help through the Talkspace app. Around 10% of a company’s employees offered this benefit test Talkspace with many of them then signing up.

For more information about Oren Frank, visit at https://medium.com/@oren_17217