Michael Nierenberg has been a force to reckon with in the real estate industry. He recently came out to offer his piece of mind regarding investment in service advances. Visit Newresi.com to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He notes that the modern world is full of asset classes that individuals and institutions can invest in. Right from mortgage servicing rights to the common non agency rmbs, one can be spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in homes of the future. This is especially so considering the income from pools of mortgage loans has been customized by specific entities and partitioned into several sections that can easily be bought by investors.

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Michael notes that by dividing these service advance facilities, it makes it much less risk while at the same time increasing the returns of an asset compared to the challenges that would be faced if such assets had been left intact.

While Michael Nierenberg is of the opinion that covering a spectrum of asset classes is not a bad move, he prefers going for service advance. He believes that this is a regular fixture in the current securitization of mortgage transactions. This has seen various savvy investors who understand the new phenomenon create a steady flow of income. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.