An entrepreneurial success story, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, has a broad scope of interests, including entrepreneurship, energy, financial development, and e-commerce. He hails from a well-known, wealthy family that resides in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Betancourt is the great-grandson of former Venezuelan interim president, HermógenesLópez. The nation credits HermógenesLópez for his role in putting Valencia on the energy grid. Betancourt is continuing the legacy and making his mark in history.

His most prolific work to date is co-founding the Latin American energy powerhouse, Derwick Associates Corp., in 2003. The Venezuelan entrepreneur also serves the company board as president, chair, and CEO. Capital, a leading Spanish magazine, presented Alejandro Betancourt Lopez with an award for the best Latin American technological initiative. It brings recognition to the work Derwick has done in constructing its state-of-the-art TTC (Turbine Technology Center).

Alejandro Betancourt studied business administration and economics at Boston’s Suffolk University, a prominent private research academy in Massachusetts. Upon completing his studies, he received joint BSc degrees in both disciplines. He initially began his career in the energy industry. It afforded him invaluable experience in international oil trades/derivatives, production, and exploration. He was a top executive of numerous global energy sector companies across Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the U.S.

In 2015, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez acquired stakes in the leading Canadian petroleum giant, Pacific Exploration and Production Corp. He was the lead investor and director of the international powerhouse, O’Hara Administration. The records indicate that Betancourt controlled an estimated 19.5 percent aggregate shares. When he took up office as director and joined the advisory committee, he acquired additional shares, which induced his aggregate to 19.95 percent. Today, Betancourt remains a majority stakeholder for the company. He also has controlling shares in the Senegalese investment bank, BDK (Banque de Dakar), a leading African financial market player.

The Spanish lifestyle designer brand, HawkersCo, appointed Alejandro Betancourt Lopez as president in 2016. It is a fast-growing contender in the Latin American market. Betancourt continues to leverage his expertise and influence to expand Hawker’s global footprint. Today, Hawkers has over 35 physical shop space in multiple locations across Spain, with the newest multi-branch store in Barcelona. It also has five retail stores abroad, with a presence in Portugal and Italy.