History Lesson

In 1909 a German man and his two sons came to America to start life in the New World, and they soon located and took roots in a small suburb of Chicago, called Deer Park. As many Europeans that move to America in the early 1900s, they continued to practice the trades they knew and practiced in Europe. Otto Kolschowsky started a small meat-packing company. The business is hardly anytime received much praise from the locals and grew to international proportions. By the times Ray Kroc began to expand into the international market with his McDonalds franchise the one choice for a reputable and noteworthy partner warns Otto Kolschowsky’ OSI Group, renamed in 1975. History has changed, but the forged relationship between McDonalds and OSI Group has grown for over 60 years.

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Impossible Foods

Like all business, there are opportunities which are hard to pass up. When Impossible Foods needed a producer large enough to handle the demand of demand for its flagship burger called Impossible, named after the Impossible Food brand, OSI Group was offered a Co-production deal. The OSI brand packing company has a presence in 17 countries worldwide and represents many locations throughout the world, as many as 65. Furthermore, OSI has a large number of efficient employees, have an eye to detail and excellence. These qualities were cited as important for the Impossible Foods brand when choosing a distributor.

Impossible Foods Commendations

In the agreement, OSI would build a production in one of their US plants where Impossible workers could clock in daily into the secure part of the plant and carry on with producing the Impossible all plant-based burger. When Sheetal Shah, a representative of great importance in the Impossible Food management team spoke about the Co-production agreement he took note of the large number of years of innovative success OSI was known for as well as their peculiar eye for perfect service and quality, which Impossible Foods found attractive and appealing and drawing them into a business agreement.

Moving Forward with Confidnce

Impossible Foods today is confident that with the international network of workers and locations across the globe they will be able to meet the high demand that is being shown for the Impossible Burger, which is exceeding 15,000 restaurants presently; the Addition of Burger King’ launch of its Impossible Whopper in stores soon is expected to double the demand for the Impossible Burger.

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