For Matthew Fleeger, running an oil and gas company is all about building trusting relationships with partners that stand up over time. Fleeger is President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, also known as Joint Ventures. The company, based in Dallas, works primarily in the Gulf Coast region to develop and acquire petroleum reserves. It has been doing that successfully since 1970.

Under Matthew Fleeger’s steady leadership, Joint Venture has expanded its sphere of operations to four other states beyond Texas. That includes Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. This firm also takes interest in properties with geological and geophysical advantages in addition to well-developed assets.

A region of growing importance for Joint Ventures is southwest Louisiana. Matthew Fleeger has led the way in obtaining property rights which has provided access to hundreds of square miles of critical 3D seismic data. This included a working interest in 13 wells and 140 drilling locations. These assets comprise an estimated 30 million barrels of oil reserve potential.

Matthew Fleeger brings a host of executive and business experience to his job from outside the oil industry. He is the former founder of MedSolutions, a waste management company that specialized in the disposal of highly sensitive medical waste. After building MedSolutions into a thriving enterprise for 13 years, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle.

Matthew Fleeger found success in yet another industry as well – tanning. He established six tanning shops and expanded the operation to become the largest indoor tanning provider in the United States. Combining his company, Palm Beach Tan, with a second enterprise resulted in revenue of $100 million.

Whether its tanning, waste management or exploration of fossil fuels, Matthew Fleeger stays true to a philosophy of working with good people, building solid partnerships and treating everyone with fairness and respect.