Matt Fleeger works as the president of an oil and gas company, Gulf Coast Western. Previously the company belonged to his father. He later took over its management in 2007. Matt Fleeger studied Business Administration in school. His knowledge in finance and marketing has enabled him to take executive roles in Gulf Coast Western. He has been active in roles such as contract negotiations, team building, and strategic planning. His entrepreneurial abilities have been instrumental in making good decisions for the company. Under his leadership, they have extended their boundaries and continues to venture into new regions.

Matt Fleeger has maintained good work ethics in his business activities. According to the Better Business Bureau, his company has maintained business integrity and ethics in their operations. The company continues to be more innovative and creative in the work they do.

Matt Fleeger hard work has enabled him to succeed as a businessman. Previously, he created a company by the name MedSolutions. The company specialized in the collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of healthcare waste products. He managed the company successfully for 13 years before selling it. He was involved in a different venture whereby helped two enterprises to merge their revenue and create one large tanning company. Mystic Tan is another company he helped. The company grew to become the largest tanning brand globally.

His experience and knowledge have been invaluable to Gulf Coast western. Since the company does many collaborations with its brands, a good working environment is necessary. Therefore, he employs mutual respect and integrity in his business, dealings with others. He has been able to build and maintain good relationships with his partners. He notes that the success of this company has been due to the level of transparency that the employees and company as a whole have.