Maarten De Jeu is quite interested in advancement. Every good leader knows that it is important to learn about life and value and then convert that into helping others.


There’s a variety of things that individuals are able to learn from being themselves and helping others grow. It is important to realize sooner than later and to do a great job overall.


Maarten De Jeu can learn a lot about business expansion by studying companies such as Fair that have been able to come so far.




Because in this life there is your knowledge and the knowledge that is accumulated by society overall. When you tap into the societal knowledge you are able to make the best decisions in most cases and quite likely win big in every single situation.


Now in the Fair company, there is a lot to know.


One thing that is prudent to note here is that when you do visit Fair’s website, you would find the FAQ section to be outdated and providing information at older rates of $185/week, while the main page for Uber rentals has been updated with the new pricing model of $130+/week as well as the starting payment of $500. 


As such, it is best if your use Fair app and your Uber driver account to login and see updated information. 


The Leasing Model is Convenient and Comes Without Cancellation Charges


Typically, a leasing model for Fair for Uber comprises of 28 days. The first week is free, while any credit or debit card that the driver wants to put on file is charged every 8th day against the week’s payment. 


This recurring payment model continues for 4 weeks or 28 days. Once this period is completed, the short agreement with recurring payment ends. The driver could drop the car at the same Fair dealership where they picked it up from, and get their final bill settled as a result before they get their security deposit back. Learn more:


This 28-day recurring payment setup doesn’t mean that the customers are bound to the service for that many days. They could very well cancel at any given time. The 28 day period is only outlined so recurring payments could go through each customer’s provided debit or credit card on file. 


While Fair leasing comes without any cancellation charges, it does come with an array of benefits for its drivers. As mentioned above, it comes with insurance, but it also includes 24/7 roadside assistance, no restriction on driven miles, limited warranty, as well as basic maintenance. 


With that being said, the cancellation does have to be approached carefully. If a customer cancels the lease before their 7 day period is over, they are still charged for the complete week. 

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