Marten De Jeu is a well known international advisor and a well-known corporate. He is the crucial reason for the success of many international organizations in the United States and Europe. Maarten got his early education in the United Kingdom and Netherland. He got his master’s degree in Social Sciences. From Leiden University in 2001, he got a degree in Public Administration. He got his MBA degree in 2005 from Oxford. He graduated with cum laude with high distinction and with a massive specialization in finance. Learn more:

Maarten gained a tremendous amount of experience in the period between 1999 to 2007 in corporate strategy and its development at TVDK Management Consultants. TVDK Management Consultants is a company located in Amsterdam and provide International Corporate Strategy services to its clients. Right from the start, Maarten was so outstanding at his work that very quickly he got promoted into senior levels. He, later on, he worked for an insurance London-based company named Aviva plc. He was so good for the company that they appointed him as Director of Corporate and Development strategy in North America in Chicago. At this post, he is currently working. He manages the business portfolios and also is associated with strategic planning. The assessment of new business opportunities lies in his job description, which he is doing at his best.

Maarten de Jeu got extensive expertise in the field of corporate strategies and also as a business advisor. He launched his firm in 2012 named SVM business advisory. He provides services to businesses to develop a sustainable global market and establish it. He is a brilliant mix of technical skills, industry experience, and global culture, understanding every thick and thin of the business. This wide variety of skills gives his clients an edge over others and helps them in getting insights about investments, acquisitions, and enhance their entrepreneurial skills. 

Talking about the personal life of Maarten De Jeu, he is a complete family person. He goes out on family vacations every year and loves spending time with his family. He is also more careful about his physical fitness and is a sportsman. He is active in various organizations and is effectively using his skills to the maximum benefit. De Jeu is a member of Chicago’s Economic Club. He is also the co-founder of multiple startups. SpeakUp is his startup, which is among top Europe’s compliance and ethics solutions for public limited companies. 

Looking at his lifestyle, he lives a very balanced life with a hectic schedule to follow each day and is providing the best services to multinational organizations. That is why Maarten De Jeu has such a charismatic career.

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