There have been many businesses that have started up but failed to grow sufficiently. As a result, they would eventually fail. Many experts and sources reveal that a majority of businesses will cease to exist within five years of starting up. With an economy that has seen declining job growth along with a reduction of quality jobs, the news about businesses failing on a regular basis has been quite unsettling.

While there are many businesses that fail within five years, there are many others that succeed. These businesses are lead by highly talented and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. With their knowledge and expertise, these entrepreneurs have been able to build companies and then sell them for very high profits within a few years.

Entrepreneurs who start up businesses and build them into successful companies are referred to as serial entrepreneurs. These individuals make up a very small portion of the business owner population but their contributions are often significant. What has made them among the most successful entrepreneurs has been their overall skills and knowledge of the field they found their business.

These entrepreneurs are able to use their expertise to develop innovative strategies, make new products and also market themselves very effectively. With their success, some of these entrepreneurs have looked to share their knowledge to help other entrepreneurs succeed. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke Lazarus is one of the serial entrepreneurs who has helped others achieve business success. When he was a child at age 8 he founded his first business. From that point on, he looked to one day be an entrepreneur again once he was an adult. When he attended high school, he was one of the top students as well as among the best athletes.

His success as both a student and an athlete allowed him to receive opportunities to attend top colleges and universities such as Ivy League universities in the United States. While these opportunities were very promising, Luke decided to stay in Melbourne, Australia and attend college there. He would eventually complete his undergraduate degree as well as completing a MBA degree shortly after.

Once he completed his education, Luke Lazarus began to start up businesses. Within a short period of time, these businesses became very profitable organizations. After building each business, Luke decided to sell them and would earn substantial profits. By the time he reached the age of 35, he was independently wealthy. Once he was financially independent, he decided to spend his time consulting other business owners.

This gave him a sense of purpose and something to participate in on a daily basis. His passion for helping businesses would show when he provided his expertise and guidance to help them grow and expand. Since becoming a consultant, Luke Lazarus has helped many types of businesses ranging from struggling enterprises to successful ones that were looking to expand in the near future.

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