Luke Lazarus is a renowned financial and business consultant based in the city of Melbourne, Australia. He was one of the top students of his school and college and was one of the students, who were active in sports as well while being academically brilliant. The passion for starting a business and making money has been an integral part of Luke’s DNA from the very beginning, and it can be seen in the fact that he started the first business of his life when he was just eight years old.

Currently, Luke Lazarus caters to small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups as a business consultant. One of the first priorities of Luke Lazarus, when he takes up the job as a business consultant for any company, is that he checks the marketing strategy of the company at the moment. It gives a good idea as to why the company is not able to perform well and what is stopping it to achieve its business goals. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO  and Luke Lazarus | Inspirery

Defining a vision as well as a goal for a company is of prime importance when starting a company, and if the organization lacks it, there is a good chance it would fail or get stagnant in a while. Luke Lazarus works closely with the business owners and the management to define the long and short term business goals to focus on and plans strategies accordingly.

The business strategy that Luke Lazarus develops for his clients is based on the principle of ensuring sustainability at first. In a market that continues to get more and more competitive with time, it is important that businesses focus on sustainability. It involves building a long-term relationship with the customers and developing loyalty through various measures.

There are many new companies that are starting every day that would try to grab hold of your customers, but if they are loyal to you, consistent growth and sustainability never become an issue. Luke Lazarus believes that it is not an easy job to get customers as they have higher expectations from businesses. They want value for their money. He understands consumer behavior and advice his clients to create a relationship with their customers. Long term relationships help them get good business, which is essential in today’s competitive world.

Luke Lazarus also makes it easier for companies to understand how to develop marketing and branding strategies that are personalized in nature.

It is not only about attracting the target audience but also winning their trust. It is where the quality of products and services come in, including the after-sales services your company offers. The company needs to ensure that they are updating their products and services to match the changing needs of their customers.

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