Kevin Plank is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who enjoys assisting the community. He is the owner of Under Armour, which is a producer of footwear, sportswear, and accessories. The businessman undertook his studies from St. John’s College High School. Later, he pursued a degree in business administration from the University of Maryland. It is where he acquires the knowledge and skills to run a business. It is at this stage that the entrepreneur started his venture in roses. The investment was seasonal as he sold on Valentines annually.

His career journey

Kevin Plank used the cash he obtained from selling roses to purchase seeds for Under Armour. During 1999, he risked the firm’s money and employees’ wages to invest in advertisement. The adverts were on newspaper which made a massive success to the business. Sales improved by 1 million the following year due to the advert. It was a turning point for the venture leading more athletes to purchase the products. Also, his company utilized millions to invest in diet tracking mobile applications. It made successful progress making it a prominent digital health and fitness society globally. Through his innovation, the entrepreneur has been able to provide thousands of job opportunities to the community.

His philanthropic deeds to the society

In humanitarian efforts, Kevin Plank contributed a million to Cupid Foundation in 2016. His donations were able to cover several summer jobs for Cherry Hill. Furthermore, it also catered for public students in the maritime transport sector. The businessman is an associate of the Board of Trustees for Living Classrooms. It is a charitable institution which educates the young by utilizing natural and maritime surroundings. The entrepreneur also contributed 5 million to assist in building the UA House in Fayette. At his previous university, he donated 25 million to be utilized for academic and athletic needs. His love for giving back to society led him to contribute 16 million to his previous high school funded education and entrepreneurship projects. Besides that, Kevin Plank also donated a million to Archdiocese of Baltimore. The purpose of this was to promote more children to attend Catholic Schools. He got an award for the person of the year by Footwear News in 2014.