Jojo Hedaya’s success as a start-up entrepreneur has made him an example many other budding entrepreneurs attempt to follow. The co-founder of Unroll Me is a rare breed as most start-ups fail miserably. In his tenure as co-founder and CEO of Unroll Me, Jojo Hedaya has a talked a lot about his success. He has also offered a lot of advice on how to get there. One way he advocates for is placing importance on people. According to Hedaya it was a high-performing team that really created Unroll Me’s success. Up to that point it was another email application software filed in a thick folder of much the same. It was trusting in people that allowed it to stand out.

Unroll Me is subscription software designed to organize and manage user inboxes. It dials down email clutter by getting rid of the very thing that clutters them up. Subscription emails. Unroll me gathers them up into a separate folder and grants users the option to keep them or discard them. It also allows users to unsubscribe from them to avoid future emails. In the beginning Unroll Me did not have a Roll Up, however, nor did it have a mass unsubscribe feature. It just allowed users to gather up emails they did not want and unsubscribe to them one at a time. 

Hedaya made it a priority to seek out staff that was self-motivated. He did not have that much funding to go on so he stacked his deck with hard workers. People who were passionate and willing to go the distance. His focus was on team-work as a fully developed product needs to be looked at with many sets of eyes. Hedaya and his partner also prioritized understanding their users. They created Unroll Me to be a minimum viable product and released it as soon as possible. Trusting their tiny staff of go-getters and consumer feedback to help them develop the product. 

They found out consumers wanted to be able to save some emails and unsubscribe in a more convenient way. So Hedaya turned to his self-motivated staff to find the answer. What followed was the creation of the Roll Up and the mass unsubscribe feature. Both solidified Unroll Me as ‘the’ email application software. All thanks to the power of good people who turned it into great product it is.