In status-quo, various industries have changed their operations have reached new heights of success. One such industry is the gaming one whereby various gaming enthusiasts have aided in improving it. Learn more about Jin Oh at

Jin Oh is one such enthusiast whose career revolves around learning and improving gaming for the gamers across the globe. Jin Oh went on to achieve his higher education from Soonchunhyang University, focusing on International Trade and Economic Cooperation. His mother tongue and education were primarily in Korean, however, he realized the importance of learning a more widely spoken language, therefore, Jin Oh went to Ulearn English School Dublin from 2014- 2015 to learn the English language.


If we take a glimpse of the career of Jin Oh, it will be highly evident that his interest in gaming was perhaps since birth. He was a professional FIFA Game Professional Player and won various championships over the course of 2001 till 2005. Jin Oh also received the International e-sports referee certification in 2014. He then went onto perform the task of Assistant Manager of league operation e-sports as a freelancer. Currently, Jin Oh is fulfilling the role of E-sports live operations at PUBG Corporation. His association with PUBG Corporation has been there since November 2018.

Jin Oh’s work is a testament to the fact that he indeed is one of the biggest gaming enthusiasts. Read more about Jin Oh at