Leaders exist in many shapes and forms, and Mexico’s leading food supplier is operating from a work history that spans more than 50 years. The Kosmos Corporativo is led by Jack Landsmanas. This professional is leading his family enterprise into more success. He received his business title through the work of Pablo Landsmanas, who is his grandfather. The family business is now growing.

In a collective effort, Jack Landsmanas’s Kosmos Corporativo maintains:

 – Roughly 9,000 Employees

Serving the various communities of Mexico has only been possible through the help of 9,000 employees. The need for these roles positions Kosmos to create real job opportunities for the Mexican economy. The financial impact that’s achieved through employment, alone, makes Kosmos a leading social entity.

 – Three Million Consumers and More to Come

A 24/7 production of food is maintained by Kosmos in its effort to serve nearly three-million consumers. Its list of clients consists of school children and other public facilities that provide cafeteria meals. The work of Jack Landsmanas is invigorating how food is prepared and then served within major hotels. Jack is renewing the core products of Kosmos by also providing custom catering.

 – 800 Tons of Products

The end result of Kosmos processing is the delivery of 800 tons of food products. This daily output supplies meat, fruits and vegetables to the Mexican consumer. Sustaining this level of productivity requires a 450,000-square-meter facility with the highest sanitation standards in the country. The plant is refrigerated to ensure that all of its work is done within an approved environment for food.

Measuring the Monthly Distribution of 500,000 Meals

The workload of Kosmos Corporativo is forwarded to meet the demands of over 30-different Mexican regions. Its non-stop flow of goods not only produces 500,000 meals on a monthly basis. The company’s processes package and seal food items for the safest delivery methods possible.

Setting the Stage for a Life of Philanthropy

The success of Jack Landsmanas has resulted in the perfect standing for philanthropy. Through its philanthropic nature, Kosmos Corporativo provides aid to Casa de la Sal, Ser Humano, the Camino a Casa Foundation and Casa de la Mercedes. Roughly 12 other humanitarian projects are also Kosmos’s beneficiaries. Through his own Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack provides the following to Mexico’s social landscape:

Economic Stability

Jobs, lower prices and community aid is how Landsmanas focuses on the sustainability of Mexican communities.

Environmental Impact

Production processes are keenly watched by Landsmanas in an effort to reduce emissions, waste and environmental costs.