Angolan businesswoman Isabel Dos Santos, who is one of the richest personalities in Arica, will not pull out her investments in Portugal and will stay for a long-term commitment. This confirmation was made by Dos Santos’ business right-hand man in the country, Mario Leida da Silva. Da Silva also added that Dos Santos is planning to create and support long-term stability.

Isabel Dos Santos will not be leaving Galp Energia and EFACEC Power Solutions, according to her business manager Mario Leida a Silva during her interview in the business magazine called “Negócios”. This interview was made during the European Commissioner Carlos Moedas’ visit to EFACEC. Da Silva revealed that Dos Santos has a plan to create a long-term direction for her investment in the country. The Angolan businesswoman is planning to reach her goal of creating jobs for qualified people, which in turn, creates stability and value. Visit

When asked about ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Distribucao de Electricidad), which departed from EPACEC recently as per Angolan President’s request, Da Silva decided against speaking about the matter. Instead, he suggested that the question be asked to ENDE and not on him. Winterfell, the company which is owned by Isabel Dos Santos, has 15% ENDE shares, as well as a huge portion of EFACEC’s capital. Da Silva serves as the current chairman of EFACEC and the current representative of Winterfell. He revealed that the shareholders have been happy with the performance of both companies related to Dos Santos.

In 2015, Isabel Dos Santos assumed the executive position in EFACEC, back when the company has been struggling because of its losses that amount to 90 million Euros. But because of Dos Santos’ effort, EFACEC regained its track and managed to record a revenue of 431.7 million Euros in 2017. EFACEC Group is operating in other countries in Asia and Europe.

Isabel Dos Santos is currently one of the richest businesswomen in Africa. She is the daughter of the former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She focuses on industries that can help in aiding technological development such as finance and energy. She is also known as an advocate of entrepreneurship spirit in her country.