Igor Cornelsen is among the most prominent Brazilian investment advisors. He originated from Curitiba Brazil where he was born in 1947. At 18 years of age, Igor joined the Federal University of Parana and pursued engineering. Two years down the line, he studied economics in the same school. Igor had incredible skills in calculating rates that made him the best performer. He ventured into investment in 1970 and began serving at an investment bank. Igor Cornelsen made tremendous achievements and proved his professionalism and skills in the investment sector. In 1974, he was promoted and joined the Multibanco’s Board of Directors.

He retained his reputation, and after two years, he was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He led the company for a short time since the Bank of America soon acquired Multibanco. Later on, he joined Unibanco and served till 1985 after which he got a new job at Libra Bank PLC. This transfer offered him more growth opportunities as an investor. He then served at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he became the board of the institution for seven years.

After his service for all these corporations, Igor Cornelsen managed to gain much knowledge and vast experience in the investment industry. In 1995, he launched his own company where he still works as an investment manager. Igor attributes his success to his knowledge and experience. He also noted that his focus and commitment had played a tremendous role in his growth in the investment industry. The other factor that he can’t forget is interaction and connection with his friends in conjunction with seeking their advice.

As per Igor Cornelsen, it is very critical to be innovative. He shared about the importance of turning ideas into reality that fits in the market even before anyone else does. He also noted that continuous growth could only be achieved if and only if one is ready to learn continuously.