When it comes to the advertising industry, there is one name that deserves to be set apart from all others, Gustavo Martinez. Martinez is responsible for a plethora of ads that are iconic in nature. His work spans over thirty five years. Martinez has shaped the way that we approach advertising, consulting and marketing.


Who Is Gustavo Martinez?


Martinez’s accomplishments have made him one of the most notable men in his industry. During the twentieth century, you could not discuss advertising, without mentioning his name from time to time. One of the first gigs that Martinez was able to land was with Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Upon being awarded his first position, his superiors recognized quickly that Gustavo’s talents were unmatched.


Through hard work and dedication, Gustavo  was given the leading position at McCann World Group. Aside from being awarded this honor, Gustavo was also named the president of Ogilvy and Mather. The ultimate position Gustavo was awarded granted him presidency of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. This firm is one of the leading advertisement firms in the industry.


With all of these awards and honors that were being rendered to Gustavo Martinez, he elected to take a different path in the field. He could of easily chose to provide his services to the various firms he was named president of, but something about entrepreneurship drove Gustavo to go down different avenues. He elected to step down from the corporate world, and let his prestigious name guide him into self employment.


How Gustavo Martinez Has Changed The Advertising Industry


We would not be discussing Mr. Martinez with such honor, if his work did not speak for itself. Gustavo’s take on the advertising industry is what draws people to the noble man. Instead of looking at advertising as a mundane repetitive practice, Gustavo envisions it as a means to showcase his creativity. Consumers are often times bombarded by ads showcasing different products and other options that it can be difficult to recall all of the ads that we see on a daily basis.


Martinez’s ads leave out the guesswork. They convey messages that are clear, precise, and effective. In order to catapult his career, Martinez had to allow his flexibility and creativity to take stride. The advertisement industry is unforgiving. While one great ad can make you a star, one bad ad can do the exact opposite.


Half of Gustavo’s day revolves around his work. He spends roughly twelve hours dedicated to engineering effective ad campaigns for individuals who are interested in his serves. Not only is Martinez a hard worker, but he is a philanthropist and an innovator. His work is iconic, his style is unmatched, and his skills are needed in the ever changing marketing arena.


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