About Gustavo Martinez



Gustavo Martinez is currently the commander in chief and CEO to J. Walter Thompson organization.



He has worked with several organizations including, Ogilvy and Mather as the president and McCann Worldgroup as the regional head. Working in those institutions has made him a more knowledgeable man. Gustavo Martinez is ardent about sports, especially golf and ski. During his free time, he also engages his family in sports.



About J. Walter Thompson Organization



The organization was founded in 1864. It is globally known as a marketing trademark. It was the first ever agency to air TV commercials, first to a rocket candy bar in space and also primary industry to employ a female copywriter.



Interview summary



During the interview, Gustavo Martinez talked about a couple of issues, including his future visions and the insights he has experienced.



He elaborated how his typical day looked like. Gustavo Martinez is an overachiever. He wakes up very early every day, and checks on his emails then browse the daily business news after having breakfast with the family. He goes to the office by 9 and leaves in between 7 to 9 pm.



His role as a team head is to keep inspired not only motivated. Gustavo Martinez allocates work to individuals basing on their interests to bring out the best results. Another important aspect is recognizing the achievements as it motivates employers. He also added that he sees his team as being comprised of talented people.



One of the trends that please Gustavo Martinez is the presence of the internet of things. The Internet has been used to market products.



Gustavo Martinez recommends that a successful entrepreneur should be an active listener, generous, and make people feel their worth. Everyone has something to contribute no matter who they are.



The advice he (Gustavo) could administer to his younger self would be the virtue of patience and have the urge to learn from talented individuals.



According to Gustavo Martinez, charity is essential. Charity should not be done to be perceived as the right person but should be genuine. Charity should begin at home. Donations do not need to include one’s name.



The approach that has helped his business grow was the fact that they employed top talent individuals they found. They are always willing to pay their employees massive amounts as long as they get the very best. Their recruitment is viewed as thorough and ruthless.



A book he would recommend anyone to read is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ he says it is the best book for new professions who want to be successful. His success comes from his mind and a bit of luck.



Lastly, Gustavo Martinez said for the advertising and marketing industry to be perfect, creativity was needed.


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