The early years of the Internet were difficult for many media outlets as the technology being used in the late-1990s and the first decade of the 21st-century struggled to keep up with the demands of media outlets around the world. For the Grupo RBS brand headquartered in the Southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande du Sol, the Internet has always been a fertile breeding ground for its executives. As early as 2006, Grupo RBS began building for the future when the brand was still focusing on a large news and broadcasting future.

The number of news gathering staff employed by Grupo RBS had grown to more than 6,000 employees and was the second-largest news media organization in the nation. The sheer number of news media employees at Grupo RBS and the quality of the work they complete has pushed the brand to the top of the international newsgathering services. For the majority of the life of Grupo RBS, the news department was working towards providing the Brazilian people its information using traditional means. However, in 2006, Grupo RBS established the portal, Hagah and had begun publishing news on its own online tabloid site, Hora de Santa Catarina.

According to meioemensagem, Grupo RBS has been intent on bringing the internet and digital content forward as the former Chairperson, Nelson Sirotsky and current Chairperson Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believe this is the way future news and media will be delivered. Under both business leaders, the intention has been to maximize the profits available from publishing information via the internet rather than waiting for newspapers and broadcasting timeslots to be made available. The use of the digital sector has been growing for RBS as the number of sites and mobile apps in operation from the group has been growing. The focus has been switching from simply providing news and information on the life of people in Rio Brande du Sol and Santa Catarina regions to place the focus on a wider area from international stories to those of local interest.