Greg Blatt is the former CEO of Tinder and Match Group, and he shared his thoughts about life and business with IdeaMensch. He touched on a variety of topics such as how it becomes harder to bring ideas to life when you’re the CEO as opposed to just an employee. Blatt also spent some time talking about his life before becoming the CEO of two major companies.

His Life Before Match and Tinder

When Blatt was a younger adult, he spent time in Telluride skiing and doing odd jobs to make money. He eventually went to law school because he thought it sounded like fun, and Blatt would eventually go into entertainment law because of his passion for writing. After graduating from law school, he would offer his legal services to a company run by Martha Stewart.

What Made Him Want to Work for Match Group

Greg Blatt started working for Match Group because he thought online dating had a lot of potential as an industry. He played a large role in helping it grow into one of the best known companies in the online dating field. During his tenure there, the company went through with an IPO and became a publicly traded company.

Blatt Says That Asking Questions Is a Good Thing

According to Blatt, it is a good idea to ask as many questions as possible when working on a project. However, he also said that once the time for doing so is over, you simply accept the final result and move on whether the final outcome is a success or failure.

About Greg Blatt

In addition to working for Match Group, he was the CEO of Tinder as well as IAC. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz was the first firm that he worked for after graduating from law school.

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