Climate change is a serious concern for many scientists around the world. Through the years, it has been the main topic of debates, with scientists presenting their ideas on how to reverse its effects. One of the most popular ways of combating the massive changes in the global climate would be planting a lot of trees. When an area is filled with trees, harmful chemicals in the air can be sucked by the tree in return for fresh oxygen. Many governments have already requested for their citizens to join them in their campaign against climate change, and annual events like the Earth Hour is being held simultaneously around the world to demonstrate how an hour without power will help the environment.

In Ethiopia, the government announced that all citizens of the country are required to participate in a national event that would see the whole country planting trees. This event was widely published, and many people are looking forward to it. One oil exploration and extraction company decided to done 1,000 seedlings of trees to their chosen beneficiary. This company – GPB Global Resources – stated that their gesture of offering more than one thousand seedlings will help the environment from the effects of climate change. To know more about the company click here.

GPB Global Resources is supporting a lot of social and economic projects in Ethiopia. GPB Global Resources is known for its mineral exploration and extraction capabilities, and they operate mostly in African countries that welcome international companies. When the company began its operations in Ethiopia, the leader of the company requested the government to build roads and other infrastructures important for the nature of their business. This request was granted because the government believes that they will gain a percentage of all the revenues posted in this area.

GPB Global Resources helped the Ethiopian government once again by donating tree seedlings. Based on the reports, the total number of trees planted in Ethiopia this year amounts to more than 350 million individual trees. Ethiopians are happy with the result, and they believe that this small help is enough to encourage other people around the world to help nature recover, or face the dire consequences.