Maarten de Jeu is today one of the most revered and sought-after business strategist in the industry. Maarten de Jeu has worked with a number of fortune 100 companies as well as high-profile individuals throughout his career. Maarten de Jeu first began his journey of success after earning an MBA from the University of Oxford. Throughout most of his career, Maarten has focused on a variety of industries such as the real estate and financial services industry, to name a few. In 2012, Maarten created his first venture titled SVM Business Advisory. The company would allow Maarten to share his knowledge of international experience and technical skills to start-ups from all over the world. In his spare time, Maarten likes to spend time with his family in Chicago as well as offer his time working for a variety of organizations such as the Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Economic Club of Chicago.


In recent years the advancement in technology has allowed companies both small and large from the U.S to establish a presence all over the world. Going global can be highly profitable for any business. Therefore Maarten de Jeu has been more than gracious enough to share his knowledge with us by listing some of his best advice. 


The Market Demand 


A highly on-demand service or product within your own country can be a great indicator that it may also be in demand on a global scale? Although this may not always be the case, Maarten de Jeu does urge business owners to do their research before launching on an international scale. This will involve questions such as your competition, pricing, and connectivity with the locals. 


Language and Culture


As markets are different all over the world, so are the languages and cultures. It is vital to introduce yourself in a way that does not offend or confuse the local population. Therefore Maarten de Jeu recommends bringing on board a representative that knows the language and culture of the location you are seeking to establish your company in. 


Laws and Regulations


Going international can, in fact, be very profitable, but it can also cost you a fortune in fines if not done properly. Therefore, it is imperative that one understands the laws and regulations of said country. This will entail understanding their labor, tax laws, and policies. Learn more:


Standardizations and Finances 


Maarten de Jeu explains the importance of maintaining a standard for your service and or product when you cross into international markets. This ties with finance as unexpected or additional fees might be incurred. Nevertheless, the quality of the product should always stay the same. If you cannot deliver this, then it is vital that you wait till your finances allow it, says Maarten de Jeu. 

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