When it comes to entrepreneurship, Sergey Petrossov believes the best course of action is to dive all in. 2016 had proven to be quite a year for the founder of JetSmarter as by December, the Fort-Lauderdale based marketplace reportedly raised 105 million dollars from investors both new and existing. Among these investors are both the Saudi royale family and US rapper, Jay-Z, thus bringing the value of JetSmarter up to 1.5 billion dollars making this venture a unicorn within the entrepreneur world.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov reported the expansion of employees from 2015 to the date of the article, which saw JetSmarter go from only 50 employees to a boost of 260 and that includes cities in the US, Europe, and the Middle East with plans on expanding their base in cities within Asia and South America. Petrossov goes on to talk about how his business operates by explaining what type of services JetSmarter offers to its consumers such as set routes or on-demand flights even through the convenience of a mobile app, even offering little flash sales.

Sergey PetrossovPetrossov prides JetSmarter on having a sense of community between the service and its members with Petrossov being quoted with saying, “our vision is to create this travel and lifestyle community and to deliver an end-to-end experience for how you get there, who you meet and where you go”. The article then goes into the site’s interview with the JetSmarter CEO.

Some of the questions covered Sergey’s background from him moving to the US at the age of four to his education from the University of Florida and to the founding of his first education technology-based company where he and his team were working on building a cloud-based software for schools and universities that wanted to teach online and remotely. The last bit being relevant to Petrossov’s willingness to adapt to modern times rather than push back against it like so many people and companies tend to do despite its fruitlessness.