The European sports scene is one of the most talked sports industries around the world. Partly due to the high standards in football matches but more so due to the amounts of money involved. This is an industry where money flaws. However, this sports industry is controlled by few billionaires such as Gino Pozzo, who is the owner of Watford Football Club in England.

Gino Pozzo is an experienced sport enthusiast who has an eye for an investment opportunity. He is well known in the football circles for investing in lackluster football teams that are in lower-divisions and restructuring them so that they can climb up the ladder. He has previously done so in Italy and is expecting to do the same in England, which, on a fair assessment, is not easy, especially on foot terms.

Gino Pozzo was born in a family of passionate football lovers, which explains why he was quick to follow football and start investing in football leagues and teams in lower levels. However, like his family, Gino Pozzo has remained to be a loyal fan of Udinese Calcio Football Club. The graduate of Harvard University lives in London, where he is involved in the management of Watford Football Club, at Vicarage Road.

Gino Pozzo family purchased Watford Football Club, which was, by then, playing its trade in division four of the English football. Moreover, the club was highly indebted after seeing its glorious days in 80s vanish through the thin air. The new owners wanted to be highly involved in the operations of the club and wanted to adopt a long-term strategy that would see the club become the premier league team. During the time of purchasing the club, Gino was very enthusiastic about the new venture and believes Watford was going to be a huge investment in the future.