Fortress Investment Group is a management firm that oversees a diversified financial portfolio. Originally founded in 1998, the management institution foresees the assets of roughly 1750 private and institutional clients. The clients that employ Fortress Investment Group come from varying niches. These niches include real estate, credit, capital investment firms, and personal borrowers.

The organizations headquarters are located in New York City. Additional affiliate offices are scattered across the globe. To date, Fortress Investment Group is a trusted manager of $40.9 billion in assets. The performance of investments is the cornerstone of the firm, which vows to help their investors generate risk free returns for all money invested.

What Are The Core Competencies of Fortress Investment Group?

There are five core competencies that the firm operates on. The competencies are industry knowledge, asset-based, operations management, capital markets, and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

• Industry Knowledge- Fortress services industries that it possesses a deep knowledge about. The investment professionals employed by the firm are experts in their respected sectors. These individuals strive to develop long-lasting relationships with organizations and individuals all around the world.

• Asset- based- The firm utilizes its credit funds and privately invested funds to specialize in providing an asset-based investment service. The firm gives its investors the opportunity to invest in a diverse portfolio. The firm assists with the entire investment cycle. Its expertise is exercised in owning, pricing, overseeing and financing financial and physical assets.

• Operations Management- Refined tools are used by the firm to assess structural, strategic, and operational challenges. With these tools in place, the firm is able to draw value from complicated investments.

• Capital Markets- Fortress Investment Group has expertise in capital markets. The firm helps to secure low-risk, low-cost financing options for its investors through accessing the equity and debt markets.

• Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers- With their experience in corporate acquisitions and mergers, the firm possesses the expertise to work with management and director teams. The investment team is able to determine proper protocols for executing and structuring investment portfolios for their clients.