Eric Lefkofsky is one individual that has seen innovations take place within real estate and other industries. He has seen how companies such as WeWork has used technology in real estate to not only add value to consumers but to increase their valuations by a large amount.

The We company is associated with a variety of tech companies and startups that utilize their space to bring about their own creations.

He has seen how We work has grown and taken over real estate in many large markets.

WeWork is a large entity within the world in regard to being a tenant across the world. While Wework is in the acquisition of buildings business, Eric is in the business of bringing change to healthcare.

For one to act as Eric, it would be best to learn techniques similar to Warren.

To ensure that you are following Buffet’s advice and working towards making something for yourself, try to take some time out for reading every day.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a 5 Hour Reading Marathon Each Day

Even if it is not 5 to 6 hours per day, at least make it to the point where it is at least an hour each day. This would translate to providing you with at least 5 hours of reading time per week, which would be the first step towards establishing this 5 hour rule on a daily basis.

You would be best able to adapt to the daily 5 hour rule if you are in a leadership position, since it gives you the time to design your schedule around freedom instead of busyness.

But even if you are working up the career ladder at the moment, then give it the time you have (which is one hour each day), and you would be able to see the change that your knowledge brings to your everyday life.Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky: