Students from The Academy of Art University had the chance to envision what kinds of outfits and fashion trends may exist in the future. They were able to demonstrate their unique identities and an emotional connection with their styles from the future. Some students were communicating creative concepts throughout their pieces such as transition or nature. Overarching metaphors were clear in their designs and showcased through unique uses of texture, shape and color in each piece.

Hilun Zhao accomplished this by speaking to cultural roots and including motion and a sense of purpose when envisioning the future.Another student, Saya Shen, also included a sense of chinese heritage while emphasizing landscape. Each of the themes that students chose were interwoven into an emotional and visionary appeal and design. Selected outfits were showcased on the runway at the 2017 New York Fashion Week.

The Academy of Art University was originally the Academy of Advertising Art and focused on advertising visual media design. It has over twelve thousand students and is one of the largest design schools in the United States.The Academy of Art University prepares students for dynamic careers in fashion as well as over twenty other disciplines of art and design. The programs that students engage in are forward thinking and designed to improve creative thinking and analysis in fashion.

They offer associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and have some of the most comprehensive immersion experiences for students wanting to engage with the market and industry throughout their academic career. Time with fashion industry professionals as well as opportunities to have creations presented sets the Academy of Art University apart from other creative design schools. They allow for their students to receive comprehensive and active experiential learning that is invaluable and ultimately sets up students for success.

Some of the core values of the Academy of Art University are integrity and dedication to creative opportunities for training. They emphasize creating a community where students can be free to express themselves and explore creative freedoms. Numerous alumni of the Academy of Art University have gone on to win Oscars and other internationally-acclaimed awards.

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