End Citizens United is a political committee that was formed in 2015. The movement was established with a goal of changing the decision of the Supreme Court which eliminated limits expenditure for group candidates against specific candidates. This committee aims at accumulation large sums of money through fundraisers and contributions to support democratic candidates during campaign periods.

End Citizens United has been working on imploring political candidates to shun from all kind of assistance from corporate PACs as their donations lack transparency and are a way of embezzling public funds belonging to Americans.

End Citizens United has funded several politicians who are Democrats like; Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan, Beto O’Rourke, and Joseph Ossoff among others. Early this year Kirsten Gillibrand a senator seeking reelection announced that she would no longer accept donations and funding from the PACs. Senator Gillibrand who is outspoken and always aims at promoting transparency in the American government said that the super PACs has been shutting out ordinary citizens and also lack transparency which she aims at improving.

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ECU has endorsed her as one of their candidates. The committee’s president spoke highly of her saying that she deserves another chance in the government as her decision to shun aids from corporate PACs has shown that she is passionate about honesty transparency and equality. He also added that her action is a set pacer for other political candidates and aspirants to stop receiving any funding from corporate PACs. After her announcement on refusing funding from super PACs, Cory Booker, has also announced his decision to also not accept any kind of funding from corporate PACs. Cory stated that ECU has proven that citizens do not need exploiters but leaders, he went ahead to say that most of the PACs claim to be funding politicians yet they are using the citizen’s funds and resources to fulfill their lust and greed. Moreover, he has called for over politicians to refuse donations from this corporates.

ECU chairperson, Muller appraised the actions of Cory and said that that was an act of patriotism and genuine integrity. The committee firmly believes that politicians funded by super PACs only get into the government with an objective of benefiting themselves and their funders using public funds. End Citizens United also considers that these politicians are the worst as they never fulfill the promises they made to the citizens.

At the moment End Citizens United aims at endorsing more candidates for the 2018 midterms. This PACs is mostly supporting Democrats as they seem to be in line with its expectations. Moreover, the PAC plans on education and mobilizing citizens against politicians who receive funding from corporate super PACs as they are not fit for the people. This political committee is optimistic that the people will vote for their endorsed leaders and in this way keep proving that the verdict given by the supreme court eight years ago was wrong.