In order to get into new territory, you have to consider buying out companies that may be struggling financially. This could also apply overseas if you want to get your foot in the door of global marketing. David McDonald did this with Baho Foods, which became part of the OSI Group. It was the best move that the company could make considering what they acquired. This buyout puts them into 18 new European countries and other food processing planted outside of that. Who knew that OSI would just keep expanding the way they have? Using good business strategy has worked for them time and time again. Read more on Wikipedia.

John Balvers, who is the managing director of Baho Foods, stayed on because he was excited about the change and wanted to be part of it. There is nothing wrong with that when you are not afraid of change. Just think about how to dominate OSI Group is becoming as a result of this buyout. David McDonald has Baho Foods and also has China which has been part of their list of countries to work in for over 20 years. These are definitely good money-making moves that keep the economic growth coming in. Baho Foods is no longer lacking financially, and now that it’s part of OSI, the employees get to see a more dynamic work environment as well as new products as part of the expansion. This company will be rolling out snacks and other foods that countries will find quite interesting. If they are not afraid of change, then the consumers themselves are going to love it.

David McDonald understands how the global industry works as far as respecting the cultures of the consumers in these countries. He gains their trust and then proceeds to give them the best quality of food that their money can buy. Other businesses love having OSI Group distribute food to them because it’s always good and fresh. It’s safe to say that this company will be around for decades to come. There are countries that should consider partnering with David McDonald and OSI.