The classroom is a normal part of life for nearly every kid in this nation. Since it is, the education system tries to make it a great place for students to function at their best. However, nothing is perfect. People will always experience problems in schools. ClassDojo understands this fact. So, they provide educators, parents, administrators and students beneficial resources that can help everyone to have a positive experience.

Mindfulness training is a fairly new mental health technique that was introduced in May of 2019. ClassDojo introduced this special feature toward the end of the previous school year. Many members of the education field did not know it was available. A lot of classrooms are expected to benefit from it once school starts.

When students use mindfulness training it will help them to be the best they can be. They can use this mental health technique to get themselves under control or to change their outlook. Mindfulness training simply requires students to calm their breathing, to focus on positive thoughts and to relax their minds.

A few teachers and students have used this feature. No one has yet to report on how effective it is because it is still being evaluated. ClassDojo is optimistic about its effectiveness. Once more classrooms come to know about this feature, they expect to get more feedback about this service. ClassDojo will continue to improve this service for people to make it better for everyone.