When entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie invests in a healthcare organization, he likes to get down to the ground floor and visit with the people who are actually doing the day-to-day work of taking care of patients.

For example, Mr. Choudhrie recently visited an opening of a healthcare center in Bury, U.K. He said he spent a lot time chatting with doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and even patients. It demonstrates the hands-on approach of one of Britain’s most successful investment professionals.

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in India and later moved to London with his parents. He completed his university education in the United States at the University of Boston. There he earned a degree in international business and marketing. At first he expected to establish a career in America after completing an internship with JP Morgan in 1999. But he saw tremendous potential in London and returned to his home town to begin his career in earnest. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

Today, Bhanu Choudhrie is executive director of C&C Alpha Group, a firm which he also founded. The company makes investments in banking, the hospitality industry, aviation ventures, healthcare and utility companies.

A milestone for Mr. Choudhrie came in 2008 when he was named Asian Entrepreneur of the Year. He said the recognition left him “beyond words.” He said the award is proof that a person born in India can move to another city in another country and build themselves into a success. Choudhrie said that if he could do it, it proves anyone can.

One of the investments Mr. Choudhrie called his most challenging was buying an airline. He and his partners ultimately ended up opening an airline operation in India. He said he is proud of the positive effect bolstering aviation in India had on the local economy. Traditionally, trains have been among the only option for millions of Indian citizens. A new airline has streamlined travel and helped spur local business.

Speaking of India, Bhanu Choudhrie said opportunities in emerging markets is an exciting area of future growth for his company. Such markets also pave the way for “long term growth” rather than “quick cash” investments, he said.

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